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S4BC Innovative Skills For Benefit Companies

Project n° 2021-1-IT01-KA220-VET-000034806


The project aimed to support the elaboration of the Benefit Corporation business model, indicating by this comprehensive definition a business model which combines the goal of profit with the purpose of creating a positive impact for society and the environment.


The Benefit Corporation can be placed at the crossroads between the for profit and the non profit:  it is neither a social enterprise nor a non profit organisation , but rather an evolution of for profit business to take on the challenges announced from the European Commission and bring about common benefits for society and the environment.

The transformation towards the new business model of Benefit Corporations can be achieved only through a deep evolution of Human Resources. However , while the skills and abilities of management roles are already being updated , there is no adequate plan for training and updating the professional figures who will have to implement the transformation within companies. In order to allow companies to move towards becoming Benefit Corporations , training for management must be accompanied by intensive training for the operational roles of companies.


  • Increase the quality of work and activities of all organizations involved
  • Develop the ability of organizations to work in a transnational framework
  • Respond the needs and priorities of the VET sector
  • Making transformation and change possible at the individual, organizations and sector / context levels


European Commission has indicated the need to speed up the transition of the EU economic and social system towards two major objectives :

  1. Environmental sustainability
  2. Social inclusion

Companies must be ready for the challenge


Benefit corporations have two main development axes : social and environmental. Therefore Operation Specialist for BC’ is actually an operational professional figure who acts within the company and operationally directs the company’s actions towards sustainability and reduction of environmental impact.


The proposal was addressed to VET learners:  young people and job seekers with an EQF 4/5 level who work in the operational sector within the BC. VET learners need to be trained to work in companies like BCs that are moving in the direction indicated by the Commission. They must have operational skills that they can deploy quickly and thus contribute to the evolution of the business model.


  • Developing the ‘operation specialist for benefit corporations’ curriculum and linked training course within the context of the EQF and related processes for ECVET, the project intends to transfer knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Enable learners to work within a benefit corporation with operational tasks. The course is addressed to vet learners and job seekers with EQF 4/5 qualification levels.


  • Outlining the characteristic of BC model at EU level
  • Defining the gaps of skills needed by the BC
  • Sharing a methodology for building a vocational training path and related curriculum for operation specialist for BC
  • Developing a curriculum and related training path for operation specialist for BC
  • Developing tools and teaching materials for the training course in operation specialist for BC
  • Developing an ‘exploitation strategy’ to spread the curriculum in operation specialist for BC and related training path in EU dimension